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Big Intro

Join us on the express route to creating all the Synthetic Data you could ever need.

Creating functional and usable development and test data is not what you should be spending your time on. Why not let Binubuo do that for you, so you can concentrate on developing or testing your application.


Video Intro

Watch a quick video to see how it works:

Why Binubuo

Why does Binubuo make data even better?

Because we help you create the data that can make your work faster and more efficient. If you are a developer that needs data for functional validation; if you are working with quality assurance and need to create large amounts of test data; you are trying to test migration from one database technology to another; expose REST test data endpoints to your organization that mimics your applications and system flows, or any other activity that involves the usage of synthetic test data. Binubuo can automate that task for you.

Binubuo works with only one goal in mind. Help you create and expose synthetic test data, that is compliant (no actual personal identification), domain correct (data follows international standards and protocol specifications), relatable (created based on your definitions and data distribution) and realistic (value ranges are domain and real-life).

Binubuo's interfaces and methods are designed to be as simple and direct as possible. No superfluous configuration or setup needed. You can get straight to the point and start creating your synthetic test data within minutes of creating your account.

Who can benefit from using Binubuo? Developers, QA Engineers, Database Administrators, Business Analysts, Support Teams, Performance Engineers. Basically anyone that needs data to create, validate or investigate software applications and systems.

So go ahead and create your account, and start making your life with data even better.